Earth Challenge 2020


H2OFEST Is part of a global citizen science initiative to celebrate earth day

H20FEST is mobilizing our Hot Springs community and individuals visiting our community from around the globe to join in tackling the world's most pressing environmental and human health challenges, with a goal of contributing as many points of data through our Events.   Our local Indian tribal family has been here since ancient time.  For this special honored place in Montana's western mountains "earth day" has been a non-stop celebration of water for the past 14,000 years. 

Coming events

March 17 - April 22 - May 16


Join the fun.  Bring your bathrobe.  Take the Plunge.

Current deals

Coming soon on select H20FEST products, event ticket packages, and more.

Big news

Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know by sending comments to or by calling John at 406.270.6797.


What is H20FEST?   Hot Springs, Montana year-long celebration of water.

What is EC2020?   United Nations year of water scientific discovery challenge.

When was the first H20FEST event?   Bathrobe Ball at Symes Jan 11, 2020.